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Showcase your product with style by our built in email templates.

Email marketing has been around for decades, but it is still one of the most effective digital marketing channel when it’s done well. Email today needs to feel like one-on-one conversations with each audience member, but it also needs to scale. Make sure your strategies are up-to-date so your emails are getting delivered and cutting through the noise...


How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform

Always keep in mind some important features.



You have customers whose tendencies vary a lot. So, there is no point in treating them as if they are all the same. Email segmentation means arranging your contacts into groups so that you can deliver targeted email marketing content. Segmentation makes it possible to send personalized emails to your customers.

You can segment your email lists based on different criteria. For example, you can address your customers based on geographic factors including city, language, and climate. Age, gender, occupation, and marital status are among the myriad of segmentation ideas given by demographic data.


Built In Templates

Create Click-Worthy Content by selecting our built in templates, Email marketing without compelling content won’t get you anywhere. People only subscribed to your list to receive value from you, of which helpful content is the target. It helps increase email opens.

Every subscriber is looking for a solution to a problem, so be the solution by providing useful content via emails. When you give your subscribers what they need to make their lives better, you become their go-to for information.

As a result, they will always open your emails and click your links to read your blog content. That is why you should consistently create click-worthy content. In this way, you will be able to nurture prospects to qualify as leads.


Advanced Report

After putting all efforts to setup email campains, if you are not able see the impact of the campains, seems to be incomplete, our advaced reports are providing you the complete information about your campains and impact of your email content.

You will find more advanced report which are systematically generated by the system


Unlimited Contacts and Lists

It is very important feature that we provided, we are not restricting your contacts and lists. Add unlimited contacts and create unlimited mailing lists.

Please note of it. In our application there is no additional cost for contacts and contact lists

Use our Segmentation Tool to generate your contact lists as you wish.

Honest pricing. No surprises.

No contract. No risk. No credit card required.

1 to 1000 emails
Billed Monthly. Bill will be generated against your actual usage and based on multiple of 1000 emails.
If your consumation is 4500 emails in a month, your bill will be.
Rs1250 + GST 18%/MONTH

No contract. No risk. No credit card required. 30 days trial is 100% free with full features.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the free trial work?

Our 30 days trial is 100% free and does not require credit card information to start. If at the end of your trial you would like to upgrade, great. If not, you can cancel your account altogether, or let us mark it as inactive for you to come back to later.

Can I switch plans later?

Absolutely. You can switch between our paid plans, or cancel your account altogether, whenever you like. We will adjust any payments accordingly.

Do I need to choose a plan or make payment now?

No. You get the full featured, unlimited version of our service completely free for 30 days. Once you're ready to upgrade, you may choose a plan which suits your needs.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and American Express. We also accept bank paymnet through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, ask us for our bank account details. We do not accept PayPal or third party. Remember, you do not need to supply card details to start your free trial.

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